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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sat: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Saturday! Yesterday, the HG's had the Temptation Comp where Mark won it and Matt came in last, which automatically put him on the block as this weeks 3rd nom. As a sidenote, this is the last week of the Temp Comp, now that jury has started and the Double Eviction is on Thursday. Julie Chen also told us on Thursday that this season there will be no battle back for jurors, so once you're're out.

Initially I thought this would light a fire under Paul's minions butts, but Matt has made it clear that he just wants to eat cereal all day/every day and just "make it to jury"..which he now has done, so he doesn't care. It's like he's playing Nicole's game (winner of BB18 last summer): stay in bed, give (or recieve, in Matt's case) handjobs (via Raven), and sleep your way until Finale night. Hey, it worked for her. lol *shrugs*

Game wise...

Alex/Paul talked about Kevin needing to go soon. Paul told us live feedsters recently that Kevin is playing the best game in the house. so he's setting up a new and upcoming target to keep the bullseye off of him.

They both agree to take Josh to Final 3. (Paul has Christmas/Alex/Josh for his Final 4). They also talked about taking out Elena or Mark (he prefers Mark over Elena, however) this week in the D.E. (assuming that Cody is goes to jury on Thursday).

9:59pm BBT:
Kevin talked to Cody.

Cody: "Hopefully my chip gets pulled."
Kevin: "Give ya a chance, anyhow."

They figure out that he only has around 8% chance of getting his name chip picked to play in veto.

Kevin: "8.8%, something like that."
Cody: "Well hell, to even get on this show, was like a .001% chance. 8% is pretty good."
Kevin: "Whatever happens, come out to the yard the next couple days..might as well enjoy yourself."
Cody: "Oh I will. I'll workout. Try to get some of this fat off of me."

They part ways a minute later, talking about a soda that Cody was drinking.

10:55pm BBT:
Have Nots Room
Paul told Cody that if he wants to talk, non-game stuff, to come to him. (*Yeah right.) Paul then started talking about "On my first season.." (#PaulsAvet) about how he got lonely and maybe that's okay with Cody to be locked away in the HN room all the time, but that he doesn't have to be. This conversation isn't a genuine one because Paul has been shook ever since the bullhorn stated that "Paul is a bully"...he's even worried that his girlfriend in New York might be watching the show. This is nothing more than an act to seem like he cares to get a good edit. I'm not falling for it.

Sidenote: Cody told Jessica before her eviction that when she watches him on the live feeds , to not feel bad for him for being secluded because he "finds peace in solitude". I can relate. 

Cody more or less just let Paul talk and then said thanks.

Speaking of Jessica, she is on Twitter, watching this season..she started with episode 1 yesterday..while talking with BB fans.

By 11pm BBT, Paul tells Alex that they'll try to save Jason from the block and then put Cody up in his place. (Today is the Veto Comp.)

Kevin told Jason that they need to get out Cody/Mark/Matt, and in that order.

Meanwhile, Mark/Elena are hoping that Cody wins veto and pulls Elena down, making all 3 of them safe (and meaning that one of Paul's minions would have to go this week). That would be interesting to watch.

**And that's it for the Overnighter!! Today is the Veto Comp, where Cody's BB life is on the line. Will he win it and keep himself safe? We'll have to wait and see!!

Stay tuned...
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Cassandra Monson said...

Did Matt or Jason lose the temptation comp? Yesterday's overnighter, you said Matt lost. Today, it's Jason lost. Help!

Jamie said...

Matt..sorry for the typo. That's the 2nd typo in like 12 hours for me.

I'm taking tomorrow off. These idiots fried my brain.

Dawnmarie DeFazio said...


Jamie said...

Because Paul didnt' wanna go up as a pawn, so Jason offered.
Matt came in last in the temp comp.
Got the names mixed up.
I need a vacation. lol

Nicole said...

Did anyone else see Elena tell Mark last night she would evict him if she has to because she needs the money more than Mark. Elena says she needs plastic surgery on her neck?

Fred Kilmartin said...

Jamie you are awesome!! I love reading your blog!

Jamie said...

Thank you, Fred!

frankie nelson ftworthmom777 said...

CBS needs to get rid of the jury and just have the last 2 battle it out for a winner. That would end all this "I just want to make it to jury" crap. That goes for survivor as well. A good social game is just what losers rely on

Dobi said...

Random thought.........I'm wondering if CBS plays a prerecorded applause sound when the evicted house guest comes out. Seems to always sound the same. Except when the person is well liked. Then they get an extra boost! I'm probably way off, but hoping someone that has been there might know one way or the other. One more random thought......there is a red phone in one of the rooms. Has anyone picked it up??

DUNCAN said...

I can't stand Elena, she can't walk past a mirror without looking into it, the last thing she needs its more plastic surgery. Yea how about some more botox for those lips......I want her or Raven gone the most.

Leah Pants said...

If I had to guess, they get told to clap but i don't have direct knowledge of that.

ME J said...

Hmmmmm... how come no mention of Jody hooking up many times but mention of hand jobs fr Raven to Matt? Did I miss that or did it never happen or did CBS put some kind of restrictions on what this blog can say? Just curious

Jamie said...

They had sex a few times I mentioned once. Mark & Elena have had sex, never mentioned tho

Dianne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ME J said...

Thanks Jamie.
All i can say is Ewwww. Jess went on this tirade to Cody abt appearances and family expectations yet all that went out the door for hooking up. Wow and ewwww again.

ME J said...

Can't wait for the next Will Saga. I hope he portray Julie as a pineapple.

eve gajar said...

Don't forget Paul, he too has had "relations" w/his favorite house guest...himself. Lol

Cassandra Monson said...

No worries!! I appreciate all you do!

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