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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Meet the BB19 Houseguests: Part 2

Happy 1 Week until BB19 begins!! :D Okay, so I posted Part 1 of Meet the Houseguests the other day and now it's time for Part 2! Let's get to know the other half of the Big Brother cast, shall we?!

Elena: She is a radio personality and told Jeff that she's going to focus on her social game by being nice and friendly. She's single but not really looking to do a showmance. She's not opposed to floating to the end (ugh!) if she has to win the money, but also mentioned alliances and maybe finding her 'ride or die' to go to the end with. Basically, whatever it takes, she'll do.

Mark: Okay, I'm gonna start this off by saying I LOVE Mark! He's a giant teddy bear, a personal trainer, an actual real fan of the show (he was starstruck by seeing Jeff lol Too cute!) and he knows the game. Hallelujah!! He knows that he can't have a plan until he sees the people he's gonna be living with.

Kevin: The oldest of the cast this season, Kevin is 55 yrs old, he's from Boston, he's a stay at home dad, has 7 kids (oh lawdy! lol) and has been married to his wife for 31 yrs. This guy has a story for every topic and he's a talker! Uh oh. lol

Alex: She works for an Eco-Friendly company and is a huge fan of BB (or so she says). When asked what her strategy is, she said she wants to team up with the guys since the guys typically get to the end but she knows that when she goes into the house, all that can change. Then the interview got kinda weird because Alex talked about a BB wedding (it was Jeff/Jordo's wedding lol) and he reminded her that it was his wedding...she said she didn't know that he was Jeff because he looks "different on camera". How did she not recognize his voice? Know that he does interviews? Wouldn't a "fan" know that?! lol I dunno.

Megan: She's a professional dog walker (awesome!!), a "HUGE fan of the show" and was "fangirling" being beside Jeff. lol She wants to play low-key at first and get to know people before stabbing them in the back (atta girl!). She thinks her downfall could be her loud anxious laugh and she's a loud snorer. She's also single and hopes she doesn't get into a showmance but she's a flirt. She's most looking forward to the experience of Big Brother.."crawling through honey, standing on a wall for hours, I wanna eat slop and experience everything!" ...This girl just became my favorite HG going into the season. :)

Cameron: He's a SUPERFAN of BB! Ooooo yayyy!!!! He's the "nerd" of the bunch, he knows the game inside and out, his mind thinks like a game of chess and is incredibly smart. He's great with strategy & he's gonna work on his social game in the house. Sorry ladies, he is not single! He's been dating a girl for 7 yrs (since High School) but he's willing to 'flirt with the ladies' if he needs to. (*lol I like this kid.)

Cody: He knows the other houseguests are gonna see by his physique that he's a competitor, so he's gonna try to win that first HOH in order to open a line of communication. Smart! He's a honest guy. says he thinks "people that lie are scared of something", so he's gonna try his best to condition himself to lie in the house. He's also single and thinks showmances are dumb ( he's talking to Jeff who married his showmance lol). He's hoping for a "strong female competitor" that he can team up with to go to the end with, but he hasn't seen any on BB yet (...wait until he meets Christmas, the crossfit athlete lol)

Okay, so that's it guys & gals! We now met all the hamsters that we will be watching several hours a day for the next 3 months. My thoughts on them all? I'm loving this cast!! Finally, casting has given us BB fans what we wanted; age diversity, not just models, different personalites with different strategies and a few BB fans that know how to get blood on their hands. Muahahaha! ;) I'm soooo ready for this season to begin!!

All the HG's are currently moved inside and getting to know each other. Next Wednesday is when we will see the BB19 Premiere Night. Don't forget to go snag up the live feeds ! Oh, and did you hear about the contest? Find out how you can win one of these & free live feeds:
(click the pic to go to the post)

I'll be doing a few posts here & there before next Weds, so pop back in to check on new posts!

Stay tuned...
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BB19 House Revealed

As I sat down to my Part 2 of Meet the Houseguests, I saw that CBS uploaded a video of the BB house and I just had to watch, look at the details, geek out a bit..the usual pre-BB geekin' out stuff I do. haha ;)

Okay, so this seasons theme is "Temptation"! Ooooo!! So because of the theme, there's apples, seriously all over the house. Even in the backyard. lol It's nuts! So here's a few screenshots (for those of you who can't watch the video right now but still anxious to see), and then I'll post the video at the bottom of this post.

This is the 1st bedroom (right off of the living room). Julie described it as  "your dads office..the study. Dark colors, very masculine..".. I'd say that's pretty accurate.

The kitchen:

The lounge has the most unique, comfortable bed/couch I've ever seen OMG!I wonder if it's as comfy as it looks?! Hmm. I'm sure the houseguests will let us know.

The main bathroom. Julie said it's "very New Orleans". I like that description.
And last, but not least...the HOH Room! It's like a Vegas High Rollers room, covered in gold.
Here's the video:

So, what do you guys & gals think?!! Let me know!! Also, Part 2 of Meet the HG's will be later on today/early tonight, so keep an eye out for that.

We have just a WEEK until BB19 begins, y'all!! :D If you didn't go grab your live feeds, go grab'em!!

 (Heck, it's less than Netflix! lol)

Stay tuned...
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Monday, June 19, 2017

Meet the BB19 Houseguests: Part 1

Happy Monday, BB fans!! :D Today was the day we've been waiting was cast reveal day! There are 16 houseguests this season, all newbies. Their ages range from their 20's to the 50's, with a very nice mix of personalities. Love it!!

Since there are 16 houseguests, I figured I'd do a Part 1 and Part 2 of Meet the BB19 houseguests. So here's Part 1. I will get Part 2 up soon.

**You can watch all the BB19 Houseguest Interviews on the live feeds (also known as CBS All Access).

Let's meet the houseguests! We'll start with..... 

Christmas: She's a Crossfit Athlete and interestingly enough, she was the 1st female on a pit crew in NASCAR (way cool!). She's a fan of BB and says her strategy is to own that she's obviously an athlete, and she's gonna let the louder HG's take each other out as she sits back and takes in info. Smart. Looking forward to seeing her go all beastmode in physical comps.

Jilian: Vegas girl, single and kinda-sorta-not-really ready to mingle. She's focused on the prize money but if a showmance happens, so be it. She had a weight loss surgery and has lost 50 lbs since January. Wow!! Good for her!!

Dominique: I literally could only get through 1:30 mins into her video before I had to shut it off, omg y'all..this girl is a talker! lol She's nice, super smart (she's a nuclear-engineer), and chit-chats like crazy! I'm gonna wear out my mute button on her, I'm guessing. lol

Ramses: (Pronounced Ramsey' Gordon Ramsey lol)...Super energetic BB fan that is aware that any pre-game strategies change when you enter the house. With that being said, he's going to focus more on his social game and befriend everyone. (Quickest way to become a pawn early on, in my opinion. Eek.)

Jason: He's a rodeo clown from Iowa, with the nickname "Whistelnut". I'll let y'all watch his interview with Jeff to understand why. lol

Matthew: Jeff and Matthew connected instantly on thier gray hair, which is just too adorable for words. Matthew is single and "open" to showmances.  He's a nice guy and a good competitor. Did I mention how amazingly hot he is!? Sheesh!

Josh: He reminded me of every other Miami clubbing guy I've ran into. lol Super energetic, says "baby" a lot, claims he is a great manipulator and can spot other manipulators with ease. He chalks this up to his business background. He's hoping to find his 'ride or die' in the house to take to the end and then cut'em loose. I'd love to see Josh's plan work because I can see him being really good feeds for us this season, espeically if he finds the right partner in crime in the house.

Raven: Huge fan of BB. She's a dance teacher and she's also "single as a pringle". She's most likely gonna be the annoying one this season, lol She even mentioned in her Jefferview that she's going to try to be observant and not be too bubbly and annoying. I don't see that lasting long. Cute as a button, though!

Okie dokie, I will be back tomorrow with the remaining HG's and my thoughts on them! If you wanna watch the BB19 Houseguests interviews with Jeff, ya gotta get the feeds!!

Thank you for supporting the blog again this season!! :D

Stay tuned...
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BB19 Cast Reveal: All Newbies

You asked for it, and y'all got it; a season of newbies!! :D released the BB19 houseguest pics and bios a couple hours earlier than planned, which made me a very happy girl this morning! lol

(Click the pic to go to and meet the BB19 Houseguests!)

I will be making a new post this afternoon on my thoughts on the new cast, who I'm looking forward to seeing on the feeds, who I'm *not* looking forward to seeing on the feeds, and which HG I think has the most potential going into the house. 

Big Brother season is officially here, y'all!! :D Yayyy!!!!!! *happy dance*

Stay tuned...
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