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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday: Double Eviction

Good evening, everyone! Tonight is the Double Eviction, where we can expect Cody to leave first and head to the jury house, followed by the HG's playing an HOH Comp, Veto Comp, followed by a quick veto ceremony and eviction. It's going to be a crazy night!

I'll be here to live-blog tonight's episode, or you can watch online if you have the live feeds  (BB19Sale for 1 free month if ya don't have'em yet). Go to "Live TV" and select Big Brother to watch.

It's time! Here we go!!

9:00pm ET:
Show begins...

9:11pm ET:
Time for the votes!

Paul votes to evict...CODY
Mark votes to evict...CODY
Kevin votes to evict...CODY
Josh votes to evict...CODY
Raven votes to evict...CODY
Jason votes to evict...CODY
Christmas votes to evict..CODY

Evicted from the BB House is:

Cody walked across the living room dining room, bypassing all the HG's. lol I love it!!

He told Julie that he hates all of the houseguests (*us too, Cody. Us too. lol) and when Julie asked if he's going to marry Jess, he said yes!!

9:21pm ET:
Time for the HOH Comp!!

Winner of HOH is:

 **expect Mark or Elena to go.

9:33pm ET:

Nominated for Eviction are:

*commerical break*

Winner of the Veto is:
He's apologizing to Elena because she's going to get evicted now. She is hugging him and keeps telling him it's okay.

9:46pm ET:

MARK used the Veto on himself
MATT is the replacement nom 

9:51pm ET:Time for the Votes!

The house (minus Mark) votes to evict:
Former BB Winner, Derrick, will be visiting the houseguests in a Special Episode tomorrow night.

And a new Temptation Twist will be added to the game. (*Really?!! *head desk*)

*end of episode*

Stay tuned...
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Thurs: The Overnighter

Happy Thursday Live Eviction Day! Tonight we have a Double Eviction, where we will see Cody go first, and then (most likely) either Mark/Elena..unless one of them wins HOH.

Last night was pretty calm, minus some pranks from Alex (replacing sugar with salt) and Elena emptying out ice cube trays to tick off Alex (it's a pet peeve of hers). Also yesterday morning after I completed the Overnighter, Cody pulled a prank of his own: he dumped out his coffee and replaced it with decaf, even taking a little bit out to make it look like he had some. Eye for an eye.

Paul spent yesterday planting more 'Get-Kevin-Out-Soon' seeds with his 'dogs', though he kept saying it's not time right now..but soon. For now, Paul & Co. agreed that Mark is the next target and Paul's strategy is to get his 'dogs' to shake up Mark/Elena before the HOH comp tonight.

The only thing worth even reporting from last night, is a conversation between Cody/Alex at 8:10pm BBT.

When Alex walked in the Rose Bedroom, Mark/Elena/Cody were reading their bibles quietly. Alex walked over to Cody and told him she never lied to him, he was an a**hole to her and told him it's "f*cked up" that he's in the room reading his bible. (*wtf?!) Cody said he's not reading the bible because of all. She started going off again, Cody disarmed the bomb that is Alex and said "I'm sorry" so she would leave, and she did. He then went back to reading his bible.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! As I mentioned a couple days ago, the feeds will go down today before the live show (as usual) but won't be turning back on until tomorrow (Friday) night. So because of this, there will be no Overnighter tomorrow. I will be back tonight to live-blog tonight's Double Eviction, so make sure to come back then with your snackies & enjoy the show!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

BB19: The Saga (Ep 6)


Stay tuned...
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Weds: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Wednesday, everybody! Before I get into the Overnighter, I want to take this moment to thank all of you out there who have sent me emails, comments, tweets, and donations over the past 24 hours. I am beyond humbled and amazed at how wonderful you readers of this blog are. From the bottom of my heart, I truly..truly...appreciate y'all. I humbly thank you. :)

Now for the good stuff..the Overnighter!! :D

Some of y'all have asked about Kevin, since I don't seem to write much about him lately. Well, I am sad to say that he went from my pick this season, to a flop (for me, personally). A couple days ago, Cody told Kevin about his daughter in private and asked him to not repeat it to others. Kevin said he wouldn't. But Kevin did. He went straight to Paul and told him and BB fans on twitter blew up over it. As a father of 134 kids himself (*I might be slightly exaggerating those numbers lol), he should've known better to respect that conversation between him/Cody. Jessica was watching it live and wasn't happy with Kevin either...

In addition, yesterday during the ganging up on Cody in the kitchen, Kevin was telling Cody to admit he was wrong and that's what a man does, to which Cody replied that he has no regrets, so basically why would he apologize for anything. I didn't like seeing Kevin chime in when it was already the house VS Cody again. So that's the latest on Kev.

Speaking of Kevin...
Paul/Josh now know that Kevin won the $25k during Week 1 and Paul told Alex last night. Jason said he thinks it was Ramses or Jillian but either way, he doesn't care because it's so irrelevant to the game now and Alex agreed. Jason said he thinks it's just Paul's way of painting a target on Kevin. (*yep) Paul then later on told them that Kevin is coming after Josh because Josh knows about the $25k.

Today is Cody's last full day in the house before he's sent off to the Jury House tomorrow night. The live feeds will then go down for 24 hours until Friday night.

Tomorrow is the Double Eviction and you can expect...
*The house VS Mark/Elena during the live HOH comp.
*If Mark wins, you can expect him to possibly put up Paul/someone else
*If Elena wins, she said she'd put up Alex/Josh.
*If Paul & Co wins, you can expect them to put up Mark/Elena w/ Mark as target.

Elena seems not as pumped to win because she said if they win HOH, then they're in the house longer (*well.duh.) Mark said that other HG's will enter the jury house. Elena said at least she can watch movies in jury. Meanwhile, Alex and Paul agree to go after Mark, Matthew, Kevin before Elena or Raven. So even though Mark/Elena would nom'ed together, the target would Mark and then Matt would be 2nd (possibly via backdoor, I'd imagine.)

Let me go gather up the rest of the Overnighter and I'll post them below!

4:35pm BBT
Cody is in the hot tub, as Paul/Kevin sit nearby talking to each other. The cams were on Jason/Alex and then switched to Cody talking to P/K about Week 1.
Cody told them that he didn't have a plan for nominating 1/3 of the house.

Cody: "Everything from the start has been very simple for me. It hasn't been complex. The Christmas thing, it was because I was 1/3 of the way into the cast! There wasn't a secret plan to nominate 5 people." (*lol)
Paul: "I feel you. I wasn't going to use that against you (having a kid). I like kids."

Paul then started to talk about his girlfriend and the feeds switched.

7:30pm BBT:
Jason tells Alex to stop fighting so much because it's too much (going to put a target on them). Alex said that the fight (house vs Cody) wasn't really a "fight".

7:54pm BBT:
Have Not's Room
Josh said he likes that he doesn't feel like he has to "check in" with Paul, and he likes that. (*My right eye is literally twitching as I'm hearing this conversation. lol My brain is malfunctioning listening to these two.) Paul is telling Josh that he knows what he's doing in the game and Josh said he trusts him.

Josh: "I say we pipe down, though."
Paul: "I can't pipe down."
Josh: "No, the whole...(Mark/Elena)...certain people get involved and it gets ugly. It gets personal and I don't like that."

Paul disagreed.
Paul: "You can have opinions. It's when you try to hurt someone with them (that's the problem). You're not trying to hurt anybody. It's f*cking game."

8:17pm BBT:
Rose Bedroom
Cody said he doesn't even know how the fight started between him/the house. He was just sitting there eating cereal.

Cody: "(Alex) said I could have (the cereal). (They're) psychotic!"
Elena: "Josh was bringing up stuff that wasn't true, it was to paint a target on my back.."
Cody: "It's justification for themselves. Anything they do is right, because they justify it." (*100% accurate.)

Elena: "When you defend yourself in this house, it makes you the target." (*BB19 in a nutshell.)

2:15am BBT:
Speaking of justification..

Paul told Mark that he heard from "mulitple" people that he (M) is gunning for him.
Paul: "If I wanted to gun for you, you'd know it."

**And that's it for the Overnighter! Paul is covering all of his bases, making Elena/Mark/Kevin targets for his 'dogs' to go after. As long as the spotlight isn't on him, he'll be safe. Unless Mark/Elena win HOH tomorrow night, that is.

Stay tuned...
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Afternoon Feeds Update + Feeds Blackout

Hey BB fans! Earlier today, CBS released this tweet...

It was later confirmed that the feeds will go down tomorrow before the live show as usual, but then remain off until Friday night. This means we will miss any aftermath from the Double Eviction. Not a happy gal. :( But CBS said it'll "be worth it", so we shall see!!

A quickie update on the feeds...

The house ganged up on Cody for the millionth time today. This time, it was because he ate a box of cereal and that set Alex off. Alex then questioned if he even has a kid, to which Cody told her to not talk to him. Jason was a total a**hole to Cody during this confrontation, saying he doesn't believe he even has a kid. I have no idea how any of this is game related. Christmas said "we want answers!" to questions they had, but Cody said "none of you are going to believe me anyway" and he said he just wants to eat his cereal.

Cody: "You guys are lunatics! Absolute lunatics."

Jessica was watching it all unfold on the feeds...

As soon Cody was done eating his cereal, he got up, put his bowl in the sink and walked away. Then Josh started in on Elena.
Josh told Elena/Mark that he doesn't trust them in the game at all. After this fight, Elena/Mark compared notes and figured out that Paul gets people to fight each other in the house all the time (*yep). Josh wouldn't let Elena talk and kept talking over her, which kept pissing her off because she couldn't get a sentence in. Then Alex got in on the action and started giving Elena hell.


5:16pm BBT:
Rose Bedroom
Mark and Elena are onto Paul's gimmicks of pitting houseguests against each other and always stirring the pot.

Mark to Elena: "He (Paul) makes comments like that to try to turn people against each other."
Elena to Mark: "Now we are the new Jess and Cody, so (Matt/Raven) are the new us." (*Bingo was his name'o!)
Mark: "It will be fun Thursday. Us against the house."

Alex to Jason: "We need to cut Mark and Elena. After that, pretend we're mad at Josh and get rid of Matt or Raven." 

**I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter! Until then, enjoy the 1 month FREE live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Tuesday: The Overnighter

Happy Tuesday, everybody! The Overnighter is late because I'm not sure what to post..I'm not sure if I want to post anymore. I'm a huge fan of Big Brother the game, but the game has been the same week in and week out since..well..the beginning. I'm just so over it, as a fan of the show.

We have Christmas/Josh/Alex/Matt/Raven/Jason (and sometimes Kevin/Mark/Elena) all playing for Paul to win BB19. Throw in 4 evictions of safety for Paul the 1st month of BB19, Cody being forced to nominated 1/3 of the house Week 1, and twists in Paul's favor (like BB bringing back the comps that Paul won last season) and I'm just over it. lol Ugh.

While I love to blog about fights and drama, I don't like to recap about verbal abuse, watching several people play for one houseguest to win (*so boring), watching Paul stir stuff up by getting everyone to attack others in the house (such as Josh attacking Jessica the day of her fathers passing, which he did on purpose) and calling Cody's military service into question...all of these are not game related things. This is just horrible and it's painful to watch, and it's utterly dreadful to write about.

According to the ratings, I'm not alone in this: 1.25 million viewers stopped watching in the past week alone. (Sunday to Sunday) I'm hoping that this is a clear message to production (that we've been telling them for several years now), to never bring back a vet. Ever. Again. All-Stars or newbies. Pick one.

On a game note...
Cody tried to socialize and find a way to stay, only be shot down at every turn. He knows he's done and there's nothing he can do about it except to keep trying before he leaves the house on Thursday. In an odd twist of events, Paul & Co. got upset that Cody was even trying to save his BB life. The horror. *eye roll*

At 11:30pm BBT, Josh asked Cody if he's trying to flip the votes to stay in the house. Cody deflected, saying he knew he was getting backdoored a week ago and how he doesn't have a chance to stay or flip votes in his favor.

Not getting the response that Josh was looking for, he then sought out Mark to get the attention he needs and starts a fight with him. (11:40pm BBT)

In other news, looks like Paul/Xmas/Alex/Josh are Paul's Final 4 and they are all sketched out about Kevin these days, so watch as they push him away from their core alliance. Mark/Elena are the next targets after Cody leaves, then Matt/Raven or possibly Kevin will be next in line to go. Our only hope for a week of entertainment, is to hope that Mark wins HOH Thursday and puts up Alex/Paul like he said yesterday he would.  The house needs a major shake up and I'm hoping the Double Eviction this Thursday will help do just that.

They all know Paul's the ringleader, it's not like he's misting them (*BB Dan reference), they just don't care. Matt just wants to get to jury, (seriously, he's said this multiple times) Raven is only on BB to allegedly con money from BB fans for her $200,000 GoFundMe fundraiser, Christmas gave up her hex power for Paul's game even though it would've been best for her own game to keep it, as Matt threw away the veto he won to save Jason from the block even though he (Matt) was on the block (*stupid game move), and Alex has said more times than I can count that she doesn't even want to win this season because she hopes to come back next year and have that be her winning season. *head desk*

Is Paul the only playing the game (now that Cody/Jess will be gone)? Yes. Does it matter? Nope. Not when you have 99% of the houseguests helping you win, it doesn't matter. Frankly, Paul doesn't even need to try. He could just hangout with them for the next month and then collect his prize money. lol

Every week is the same week:
Paul wants Cody out, Josh hates Elena, they all talk crap about Jessica, Josh picks a fight for attention (with optional cryfest afterwards for more attention), Raven makes up something else that she's dying from, and Matt is there watching all of this as he eats his 4 bowls of cereal during the day and getting Raven to 'lend him a hand' at night.

Rinse & repeat.

What do you guys think? Tell me in the comment section.

Stay tuned...
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