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Thursday, June 21, 2018

The New Blog is Up

Hey guys!!
It's that time of the year again...

See y'all over at: 

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds

Hey guys & gals!! As I already mentioned on the blogs Facebook group and over on Twitter, I will *not* be blogging Celebrity Big Brother due to scheduling issues. I will, however, be back this summer to blog about BB20 and I'm super excited about it!

If you need the Live Feeds for Celebrity Big Brother, just click the banner...

..or just CLICK HERE to snag'em up. This season is a short one (3 1/2 weeks) with the feeds starting on Premiere Night Feb. 7th (usually right after the West Coast airing is when they start).

I'll be joining y'all over on Twitter to watch the season..this time, as a fan and not as a blogger for the first time in a decade.

See y'all on Twitter and I'll be back in late May with the new BB20 blog!!! :D

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Thank you!!!

Another season has come and gone. We laughed, we cried, I damn near threw my laptop out the window more times than I can count. lol But..we made it!!! I want to say a huge THANK YOU to every single person who has bought the feeds through the blog, made a donation to support it, and those that have shared the blog with others.

I am humbled, grateful, and still can't believe that 10 seasons later, I'm still going. This is incredible to me and I am so, so humbled. Words cannot describe. With y'alls support, I literally could not (and would not) be able to be here. If you'd still like to make a donation to support the blog, here's the link (I forgot that those on the mobile app can't see the donate button on the blog):

I am the luckiest gal in the world to have another year with my old gal, Miss Bella, by my side to blog yet another season. She turned 9 yrs old this year. She was a puppy when I blogged BB10.

I hope to see y'all back here Winter of 2018 for Celebrity Big Brother!! Just go to to find the new link (or follow me on Twitter or the Facebook group). You won't be able to miss it. 

Thank you for yet another season, guys & dolls!! 
Jamie & Miss Bella

BB19: 2 Hour Finale

It's here! It's here!! It's finally here!! Ladies & gents, Big Brother 19 is coming to an end tonight at 8pm ET/7pm! The finale will be 2 hrs long and following that, we will have Dr. Will Kirby on Facebook live doing the backyard interviews that Jeff used to do (before he had to quit BB to do a daily talk show somewhere else a few weeks ago). Will has promised to not be nice to the houseguests in his backyard interviews, including handing out a Worst Houseguest Award..not sure which HG will "win" it, since half of them could easily win it. lol I'll post the link on Twitter as soon as I have it. Even if you don't have Twitter, you can still click here to see when the link is posted for the Facebook Live backyard interviews tonight.

So far, it looks like Cody will still win America's Favorite Houseguest tonight. If you're wondering who might win Big Brother, well neither Josh or Paul plan on taking Christmas to Final 2 last time I checked, so assuming it's the boys in Final 2, I'd say it's going to be a close vote. We shall see!

Get your snackies ready and meet me back here at 8pm ET for the Big Brother 19 Finale!! :D

8:00pm ET:
Show begins...

8:11pm ET:
Final HOH Comp Part 1 (where Paul won). Josh fell first.

8:14pm ET:
Dr. Will Roundtable coming up next!

8:19pm ET:
Final HOH Part 2...

...where Josh won. Josh/Paul will go head to head tonight on the live show.

8:35pm ET:
Jury Roundtable time!!!!

8:50pm ET:
Time for the Final HOH Part 3!!

Final HOH is:


9:02pm ET:
Time for Josh to pick his Final 2 HG...

(*omg seriously?!!)

Christmas got evicted. She said she's proud of Josh, regardless. She's crying on stage with Julie.

Up next, jury will ask Paul/Josh questions to determine who will win BB19.

9:15pm ET:
Christmas joins the jury.

9:20pm ET:
To the shock of all BB fans, Josh is actually out-talking Paul! Wow!! This vote is gonna be close.

9:30pm ET:
The jury is putting their keys in the wheel.

9:38pm ET:

Cody's happy to see Jessica!

9:46pm ET:
Votes will be revelaed after commercial! Cody said he wants the show to end so he can go over to Jessica. (*aww.)

9:50pm ET:
Time for the votes!!!

Christmas votes for PAUL
Kevin votes for PAUL
Alex votes for JOSH
Raven votes for PAUL
Jason vote for JOSH
Matt votes for PAUL
Mark votes for JOSH
Elena votes for JOSH
Cody votes for JOSH

Cody was the deciding vote!

Winner of BB19 is:


Winner of AFP is:


He said "it doesn't make sense" when asked by Julie what he thought about wining AFP! lol

**I'll be making a new post shortly!!

Stay tuned...
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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Final HOH Winner: Part 1 and 2

Happy Sunday, everyone!! I took the weekend off from the blog because I gave up my summer for this crapfest of a season and it turned out to be a gorgeously hot weekend here in Wisconsin, so I took major advantage of that. I've still been updating y'all on Twitter and the Facebook group though, of course. For those of you who don't follow me on either, here's the spoilers:

Winner of Part 1 Final HOH is:

Winner of Part 2 Final HOH is:

So now Paul/Josh will go head-to-head live on finale night in Part 3. The winner of Pt 3 will then get to pick which HG to bring with them to Final 2. If Paul wins, he's taking Josh. If Josh wins, he's taking Paul. So either way you slice it, we'll most likely see a Paul/Josh Final 2 on Wednesday night, unless Josh changes his mind again and goes back to his original plan of taking a shot at Paul.

So, if Josh/Paul take each other to final 2, who would win? Well, according a spoiler from Hamsterwatch, Josh will likely win BB19. The jury is bitter and as of right now, Paul would only get 2 votes from Matt/Raven (and Christmas would be a 3rd vote for Paul obviously, if/when she gets evicted.)
If you're wondering who hosted the Round Table, rumor has it was Dr. Will again (even though he claimed on Twitter that he wasn't doing it this year.)

In other news..

Voting for America's Favorite Houseguest is officially open on!! Go to "Shows" and then click on Big Brother, you'll see a "vote now" button at the top of the page. If you're wondering who's leading the vote, it's Cody. He's been the front runner of AFP for weeks now and I honestly can't even think of any of other houseguest that could win against him. Even most of the BB alumni are promoting Cody for AFP.

Dani Donato:

Janelle Pierzina:

Evel Dick:

And that's it for today's update! There won't be any updates between now and finale, simply because there's nothing left in the game to talk about. Now it's the dreaded 3 day wait until finale night.

Stay tuned...
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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday Night Live Eviction

It's Day 1,045 of this awful season and tonight we will see yet another live eviction. Luckily for us, this crapfest is almost is over (next Weds). In case you didn't hear already, Paul is HOH, Paul won Veto, and Kevin/Josh are nominated. If you're wondering who Paul will take to Final 2, it's Josh..which could be Paul's biggest mistake yet, since Josh has been saying he needs to "take a shot at Paul" if he wants to win the game.

Tonight we will watch Kevin get evicted and then Part 1 (of 3) of the Final HOH will begin.

9:00pm ET:
Show begins...

9:08pm ET:
Jury house footage coming up next!
Jason learned that Alex wasn't the reason he went to was Paul.
Matt/Raven think they were "puppet masters". They're so delusional. lol
If we learned anything, it's that Jason doesn't wanna vote for Paul, and Matt/Raven seem to be votes for Paul. Alex said "that's the game", what Paul has done to them all and seems that she'd vote for him as well.

9:32pm ET:
Veto Comp footage, where Paul won Veto.

9:50pm ET:
Paul doesn't use the Veto.

Christmas voted to evict:


*End of Show*

Part 1 of the Final HOH wasn't played. Guess that'll come later. I'll keep y'all posted. I'll update this post once I find out when that'll happen.

Stay tuned...
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